Fun Family Vacations

Fun Family Vacations

Building a lifetime of memories!

Fun family vacations are the stepping stones of life. They are memory makers, geographical educators, stress deflators, and time decelerators. Vacations are a blast.

Our family has almost as much fun planning and counting down to our departure, as we do going on the trip. Like the anticipation of Christmas morning or a birthday party, the planning can add weeks or even months of fun and excitement to our vacations.

Watching our 4 boys grow up each year has made us realize how quickly these family vacation years are passing us by! It’s made us cherish all of our family adventures and memories that come out of each one! Even the road trips have provided us with many memorable quotes, laughs, and anecdotes.

Over the years, we’ve been very fortunate to have been able to see and do so much together. Some years, we’ve splurged on multi-week excursions. Other years, we’ve planned long-weekend camping outings or a string of “staycation” day trips.

Our best vacations have been the ones that were well thought out and planned. And while I love spontaneity, I wouldn’t want to go to a place like Yellowstone, Disney World, or the Grand Canyon without having a general idea of what we shouldn’t miss while we’re there. That’s where this website comes in!

This site was built to share our fun family vacation experiences, including what to see and do, how to start and plan your adventure, and ideas and tips to keep it all within a family budget.

As our adventures continue, we’ll keep adding information on the places we visit and explore. You’ll get the Mom & Dad perspective along with our children’s viewpoint as well – they don’t have a vote, per se…but it’s nice when they’re happy!

You’ll learn about lodging options, dining options, and highlights that are can’t miss experiences. We’ll add as many pictures as we can so that you can evaluate the ideas and see if that’s something that’s right for your family. I’ve found that being able to visualize where you’re going and what you’ll be doing is a huge help.

For example, I was very nervous about our plan to take our boys down the Grand Canyon’s Bright Angel Trail, but when we actually got there and started our hike, I saw that the trail was 7-8 feet wide and became much more at ease.

From the majestic National Parks to the magic of Disney, we hope that our family’s stories, planning tools, and pictures help you plan your next fun family vacation and the many happy memories that follow!

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