Disney Cruise


Disney Cruise


Disney Cruise Line takes the magic of the parks out to sea, leading the entire cruise industry in service and customer satisfaction. Their premier service level, family entertainment, and dining made our cruise experience one of the best vacations we have ever taken.

If you’ve never gone on a cruise before, the amount of new information can be overwhelming. If you’re like me, you might be thinking:

  • What makes one stateroom better than another?
  • What should you pack? Is a Disney Cruise worth the price?
  • Which excursions should I choose?
  • What’s there to do onboard the ship?
Disney Fantasy - Castaway Cay, Bahamas
Disney Fantasy – Castaway Cay, Bahamas

Here are some Disney Cruise Tips to get you started:

  • Every Stateroom is Terrific:

On the Disney Fantasy, we were on Deck 2 Midships (Rooms 2512 & 2514). These rooms were at the lower-end of the price range, but very spacious, comfortable, and I’d book the same rooms again in a second!

  • Walk the Ship on Day 1:

After we boarded the ship, the kids started the Midship Detective Agency game – what a great way to learn the ship’s layout! This scavenger hunt took us all over the ship holding up our bar-coded clues to magical, talking portraits on the walls (bulkheads) that scanned the clues and gave you your next one! This was a lot of fun and helped us learn where the staircase and elevator locations, kid’s clubs, restaurants, and more! You’ll learn what’s where: Fore, Aft, Midships, and highlights on each Deck. This is a great embark ice-breaker! It’s worth noting that we did all of this well in advance of the ship getting underway (Sail Away Party!)

  • Formal Night was well worth the luggage space.

Getting the family all dressed up may seem like a hassle when you’re home, but you’ll regret it if you leave your nice duds at home. The pictures from formal night of our family are some of my favorite from the cruise.

  • Don’t miss the evening show! 

The entertainment is incredible. On the Disney Fantasy, we saw Aladdin, the premier of a new Disney movie, a hilarious comedian, a hypnotist, a juggler/magician, and more. These were really entertaining for the whole family: parents, teens, pre-teens, and even our 5 year old!

  • Start your diet after the cruise!:

The food is so good on the cruise, that it’s not a good time to skip appetizers and desserts.  If your cupboards are like ours (boring & bare), you’ll want to take advantage of all the delicacies onboard!

  • Decorate your door!:

You’ll notice that many of the stateroom / cabin doors are decorated and personalized by passengers from all over the world! I got a laugh from the fact that we had “Philadelphia Phillies” magnets on ours…and just across the hall there was a “New York Mets” magnet! (our neighbors laughed, too). Get into the Disney magic. You can make your own magnets with a strip of self-stick magnet tape from the craft store. It’s all part of the fun.

  • Read the Navigator!:

Every evening there will be a pamphlet on your bed showing you the next day’s activities. It has neat facts about the coming port of call, sunrise, sunset, and other ship events. The most important part is the grid schedule – a TV-guide style grid that shows types of events, locations, and what’s going on throughout the day by the hour. Don’t worry if you can’t fit it all in the 1st day – most of the popular events, such as family game shows, trivia, and movies repeat through the cruise.

Disney Fantasy - Deck 2 Cabin
Disney Fantasy – Deck 2 Cabin
Disney Fantasy - Cabin Door Decorations
Disney Fantasy – Cabin Door Decorations
Disney Fantasy - Pool Deck at Night
Disney Fantasy – Pool Deck at Night

Is a Disney Cruise really worth the price?

That depends on what you value. Disney gives you a level of service and entertainment that is 2nd to none. Every dinner was like going to a 4-star restaurant and every show was Broadway-caliber. The real Disney magic lies in the fact that it’s hard not to be happy in a Disney environment – it’s the castmember credo. Every night is a family party and the details are over-the-top with surprises and fun. Sail Away Party, Formal Night, Pirate Party, Towel Pets on your bed with chocolates, etc… If family fun is your top priority than this is your cruise line!  If you’re thinking about a Disney Cruise, fill out this form to get a free quote.

Want more information?

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Disney Fantasy - Pluto
Disney Fantasy – Pluto
Disney Fantasy - Morning sun through porthole
Disney Fantasy – Morning sun through porthole

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