Disney Fantasy Kids’ Clubs


Disney Fantasy Kids’ Clubs


The Disney Fantasy Kids’ Clubs were very well-thought out, organized, and operated for each of the age groups!

When planning the cruise, the idea of dumping our kids off during our family vacation in what I initially envisioned was onboard day care was very unappealing to me. I was so wrong. These clubs gave our kids the chance to make friends and have some fun without us for an hour or two during the day.

Some days they would check the Navigator schedule and want to go to their club – other days they would rather hang out on the pool and sports deck with us. It was really nice having that option. Because of the ages of our boys at the time (14, 13, 11, and 5), there were 3 different clubs to belong to and one of our guys (11 year-old) could belong to both the Oceaneer Club and the Edge, which he went back & forth on so he could be both with his younger and older siblings.

DIsney Fantasy - Oceaneers Lab - UP periscope!
DIsney Fantasy – Oceaneers Lab – UP periscope!

Oceaneer Club & Lab (Deck 5 – Midship):

This club is a great play area for younger and older kids. For our 5 year-old, we had to personally check him in and out with room keys and password (very secure!). The 11 year-old was able to check himself in and out of the club without us. The spaces were large with lots of play areas:

  • Andy’s Room: Very entertaining! Over-sized toys make you feel like one of Buzz & Woody’s pals. Play with Slinky Dog, RC, Potato Head, and more.
  • Monsters Academy: Kids can play at Monstropolis with all the props and interactive games to make it loads of fun.
  • Pixie Hollow: Welcome to Tinkerbell’s world – pixie dust everywhere (twinkling LED lights on leaves, ceiling, floor, etc…). There are quieter activities here such as crafts, story time, and even dress-ups!
  • Disney’s Explorer Pad: Enter the world of Finding Nemo on this interactive submarine, complete with 16 computer work stations with activities.

The Oceaneer’s Club & Lab seemed to have an endless variety of crafts, toys, games, and scheduled activities with enthusiastic Castmembers that were great with the kids!  You can check the Navigator to see what interests your kids and what activities they shouldn’t miss.

5 year-old boy perspective:

“I liked how you could climb in the Monsters, Inc. place; playing Mario Kart (Wii) on the big screen TV; driving and parking boats (video game); mini-games on the light-up (interactive) floor; and the automatic hand-washing machine!”

11 year-old boy perspective:

“The Oceaneer Lab was full of computers and interactive electronic tables loaded with games. In one of the games you were able to control a ship of your choice through the seven seas. Connected to the Oceaneer Lab was the Oceaneer Club which was a lot of fun geared to the littler kids.”

Disney Fantasy Oceaneers Lab - RC
Disney Fantasy Oceaneers Lab – RC
Disney Fantasy - Oceaneers Lab - Andy's Room
Disney Fantasy – Oceaneers Lab – Andy’s Room
Disney Fantasy - Oceaneers Lab - Explorer Room
Disney Fantasy – Oceaneers Lab – Explorer Room

Edge (Deck 13 inside the forward funnel):

The Edge is the perfect tween hang-out (ages 11-14). It has net books for the kid’s use, video games galore, an illuminated dance floor, and an 18-foot long LCD screen for videos and stations where you can even create your own videos. It also has an exclusive elevator stop that the kid’s can use their card keys to access – pretty cool.

11 year-old boy perspective:

“The Edge had numerous activities like making flubber or taking on the champ in the game of 4 square. There were also computers, an interactive electronic table and a Wii and X Box for us to pay games against each other. The Edge was a great place to meet your friends or just hang out and take part in all the fun.”

13 year-old boy perspective:

“The Edge was a ton of fun when I had nothing to do or nobody to play with. I met a group of boys that played basketball and mini golf with us for the rest of the week. My favorite thing about the Edge was the variety of activities they offered from cooking classes to GAGA ball. On the last night we played a game of dodge ball late at night to wrap up our time at the Edge.”

Vibe (Deck 5, Forward):

This teenager-only (ages 14-17) pad has an indoor lounge with their own outdoor pool deck, smoothie bar / soda fountain, multi gaming stations, ping pong table, foosball table, mini movie theater, and more! It was a good get-away for teens to meet their peers, have a soda or coffee, listen to music, play games, and be in a parent-nag-free-zone for a brief period of time.

14 year-old boy perspective:

“I didn’t spend a lot of time at the Vibe, but when I did I had a blast! There was so much to do like watch movies, play games or challenge friends to FIFA on the big screen TV! I recommend going with a friend, and you’ll have double the fun!”

Initially, I underestimated the value of the Disney Fantasy Kids’ Clubs. Like stated above, I was very resistant to the idea of our family splitting up and going to kid’s clubs that I equated to day care. But it tuned out to be a great escape for our kids -even at just an hour a day. I’d recommend that all kids register for their clubs – how often they choose to go will depend on them.

Bottom line: It added to the overall experience & the smiling faces – which has been more challenging as they get older!

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