Our Family

Our Family

Fun Family Vacation at Chacchoban Mayan Ruins!

Hello. My name is Mike and this is our family’s vacation site. When we come home from one of our adventures, we often get asked: where did you go?; what did you see?; how did you plan it?; etc… So we put this site together to share our pictures, stories, lessons-learned, and planning ideas, tips, and itineraries to help you and your crew prepare for your next adventure!

It’s been loads of fun documenting each of our vacations, and it’s also allowed us re-live the memorable experiences as we put this site together. Each year, our vacation idea usually comes from stories that we’ve heard about someone else’s vacation, whether it be family, friends, neighbors, TV documentaries, or web blogs. We hope that by sharing our experiences, others will be encouraged to pursue and enjoy some of our family’s favorite trips.

Our family of adventurers includes my wife and I along with our 4 boys…I try to give their ages at the time of the vacation to help you gauge age-appropriateness for activities (Ex: Can a 5 year-old really handle this hiking trail?).

When it comes to life priorities, the family vacation tops my list. The memories they make last far longer than anything else that money could buy. It’s like that old adage:

“If you want to know what makes you happy in life, figure out how you would spend your time if you won the lottery (Not how you would “spend the money”?…but rather what would you do with your life?).

I would want to spend time with family and friends, experience new places, meet new people and see new things. I love vacations and cherish the unique memories that each one creates.

When it comes to affording some of these get-aways…that can be quite a budget-balancing act! Check out the Cheap Vacations link for some tips and ideas that have helped us over the years.

One BIG influence on our vacation budget has been the income that our websites have provided. Several years ago, I started a fitness & running website as a source of college savings for our young boys. Now we have four income-producing websites that help fund the vacations you see on this website! If you’re interested in starting a website, I’d be more than happy to share my experiences with you.  Contact Us  and send me a note with your questions.

I hope this site helps you plan your next vacation. We would welcome any feedback, suggestions, or questions that you might have. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be sure to get back with you.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Vacationing to you and your families!!

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